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Voicing It! Video

The only complete video training course for
speaking voice which will change your
both professionally and personally.

2-Day Workshops

Throughout the 2-day workshop, Nancy
will provide in-depth, personalized training
in voice and presentation skills.

Private Sessions

Work with me personally by Skype 
and discover your 'real' voice in the 
 comfort of your home or office.

Watch Craig and see why his father said, "That's the best investment you've made!"
Listen to the difference in Trish's voice - from young-sounding to mature and warm.

Your Deeper, Richer, Resonant Voice

Watch Nancy as she describes your 'real' voice

Success Stories

What Nancy has to offer is invaluable.  If you
want to sound more confident, more professional,
definitely check out what she has to offer.”

Kristi Frank The Apprentice 2

“After my presentation one of the gentlemen
said that he enjoyed the way I spoke and that
the tone in my voice commanded respect.
So…thanks for your help!”

Nick Vitalbo President nVision Technology Inc. and nVisti, LLC

“It is such a pleasure to speak this way.
There is no longer any strain and no
more scratchiness in my throat.”

Brian Siegel Chiropractor

“Your voice training was some of the most
valuable training I have had in my career.”

Allison Christilaw Chief Executive Officer at Reddin Global

Thank you for helping me find my REAL voice,
strengthen it and keep it strong through my
busiest month of reading. I am now a much
better storyteller because of you!”

Don Dougherty Storyteller/Classroom Adventure Stories

“I ordered Nancy’s Voicing It! DVDs
and another top-selling course.
Nancy’s program is far superior!”

Jennifer Madigan Program Coordinator /Continuing Studies at VSB Langara College

“Nancy Daniels’ course was a real answer to a prayer.
I will recommend this course to everyone who needs
to maximize their personal success.”

Greg Miller Author, Musician

Latest News

Next 2-Day Workshop

Join me in Mt Laurel, NJ, July 13 & 14
for my upcoming Voice Improvement &
Presentation Skills Workshop.

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