What Was It about Barry White’s Voice? Pure Sensuality

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And nothing has changed. Yes, the music was seductive. The beat was seductive. The words were seductive. But it was the man’s voice that really melted our hearts. Whether he was singing or speaking, Barry White had a deep, rich, resonant sound that women and men found extremely sexy.

If you analyze his voice, you will find that he was creating sound in a way that most people are unaware of. He was using his chest cavity. James Earl Jones is using it; Morgan Freeman is using it; and, Sam Elliott is using it. Kathleen Turner, Julia Ormond, and Kate Beckinsale are also using it.

Most people are not producing voiced sound in this manner.

Most people rely on their throat, voice box, mouth and nasal cavities when they speak. While we need these 4 resonators to produce sound, there is a 5th resonator which is responsible for the great voices. And that is the chest cavity. The size of this cavity alone should give you an idea of why it is so important. It gives the depth and breadth to voiced sound, both in speaking and in singing, if it is used properly.

So what must you do to find that deeper, richer, warm quality in your voice?

  1. Find the optimum range of your speaking voice. In most cases, the optimum pitch will be deeper than that of your habitual pitch.
    Optimum Range – the area or part of the register of your voice which will exhibit the most resonance or the most vibration when you speak
    Habitual Range – the area or range of your voice which you use out of habit
  2. Learn to use your chest cavity to power and amplify your sound. Not only will you sound better, but you will also be able to increase your volume without shouting.

How good can your voice be? Until you find your ‘real’ or ‘true’ sound, you will never know what hidden gem may be inside of you.

Break some old habits; instill some new ones; and discover just how great your voice is!


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