Why Our Congresswomen Need to Learn How to Project Their Voices and Not Yell!

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I just heard Debbie Dingell, U.S. Representative for Michigan, speaking (or I should say yelling) about gun control on the floor of Congress and some comments were made on Twitter about her ‘passionate’ delivery.

[When my husband, in another room of our home, heard the clip, he did not take it seriously. He thought it was a pop-up ad!]

One woman on Twitter said, “Oh please, is it possible to speak without the need for eardrums to bleed? The need for speaking well and with an appropriate manner is what will ultimately make an impression. Thank you.”

Another tweet said, “If your mom had a voice like yours, she didn’t need a gun. She simply could have talked him into suicide.”

Isn’t it sad that there are those in this level of government who are unable to project their voices? Projection is the ability to increase your volume without shouting. The power to project comes from the chest cavity which is only possible if you are speaking with your ‘real’ voice. While certainly a greater amount of volume, it is warmer, deeper, and sounds more mature.

The power to yell, on the other hand, comes from the throat and voice box. It can be shrill and most unpleasant for your listeners’ ears. It can also do damage to your throat and vocal cords.

Women want to be taken seriously; and, we’ve seen a wonderful increase in their numbers both in the house and the senate. However, if they stand there and yell, they sound like they are ranting and that is definitely not the image they should want to project.


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