Discover the Secret for a Great Speaking Voice Which Captivates Your Audience

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How is it that many of those in the movies or on stage capture our attention when they speak?  What are they doing that most people are not doing?  And, if you knew their secret, would you be interested in discovering just how dynamic your voice could be?

You have 5 chambers or cavities, also called resonators, which are responsible for the production of your speaking voice.  And, it is more than likely that you can name 4 of them.  They would include the voice box (larynx), throat (pharynx), mouth and nose.   Not to be confused with the articulators (your jaw, teeth, tongue and lips), the resonators are vibrating cavities.  Without these cavities, there is no sound.

However, what you probably don’t know is that there is a 5th resonator and it is your chest cavity.  The reason this may come as a surprise is because you are probably not using it when you speak, along with most of the population.

What is interesting is that were you to use your chest cavity, like Vin Diesel or Scarlett Johansson, you would discover a voice that you didn’t recognize because it would be richer, warmer, deeper in pitch, and resonant – a voice that vibrates in your chest when you speak.

Look at the size of the chest cavity in comparison to the other 4 resonators combined.  Now take your voice – minus the chest cavity – and the resulting sound will be thinner, weaker, higher in pitch and possibly nasal.  What is missing is a resonance which can only be achieved when the voice is vibrating in the chest.  Good resonance results in a richness, a depth, and a warmth that we hear in all great voices.

James Earl Jones has it and so does Catherine Zeta-Jones; Sam Elliott has it along with Angelina Jolie.  You may have a great instrument as well.  Unfortunately, you will never know how good it is until you add your chest cavity to the picture.

One of the best voice changes I have ever heard is Craig.   Did I know when I met this young man that he had a tremendous voice inside?  No.  It was truly astounding for all of us in his group when he made the change.  And the good news for Craig is that it will only improve as he ages.

Having a dynamic, resonant speaking voice is a marvelous asset and builds your confidence in ways you cannot imagine.  Being able to captivate others when you speak and control your nervousness in any form of public speaking are just two of the many benefits you will discover when you allow your chest cavity to become your most important resonator in speaking.


Watch Craig and see why his father said,”That’s the best investment you’ve made!”