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I received an email from a man who said that when he started as a broadcaster, his “voice was child-like, thin, and at times hoarse;” however, he was able to transform it to a crispy baritone, “probably by its constant use, headsets that helped in modulation and by forcing it to go low through the years.“

There are several facts in his description that I found worrisome; however, what really bothered me was his statement, ‘forcing it to go low through the years.’ I can’t tell you how many in the broadcasting business have done the same and have lived to regret it because of the damage it has done as they aged.

Some time ago, I saw a video in which a man (who thinks he teaches voice) suggested yelling for great lengths of time in order to make the voice deeper. Wrong! In discovering your ‘real’ voice, you never yell or try to force it lower. If handled correctly, you will find that when using your chest cavity as your primary sounding board and speaking within your optimum range, your voice will naturally settle in your lower register. In doing so, you will also discover that it is easier to speak from your chest than from your throat.

While men may wish to have a deep, bass sound, for example, everyone’s range in speaking is individual. Some men will have deeper voices while others will speak higher in pitch. The actor, Kevin Spacey, does not have a deep, bass voice; however, he does have one of the best voices in Hollywood because it is very rich and resonant. In addition, his diction is impeccable. When this man speaks, you want to listen. No, he does not possess a ‘James Earl Jones’ sound – he doesn’t need to.

Great news from Brian in Belgium.

Brian is a Brit working in Belgium and since he discovered his ‘real’ voice, one of his colleagues from Bosnia told him that she understands him better, remarking that he now has more volume and speaks more clearly.

Way to go Brian!

By the way, I’ve Skyped with Brian so I was able to hear the results as well. Remember, as a customer of Voicing It, you get me as your personal coach whenever and as often as you wish by means of Skype. I really am part of the package!

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