Summer Special on Voicing It!

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In celebration of summer, I am offering Voicing It – either in DVD or streaming/download format – at a discount. For the next week, you can save 10% on the video training and still get me as your personal coach.

I love hearing from my clients – and I also like working with them whether it is through Voicing It, private sessions, or my 2-day workshops.

Last week I received an email from 2 men who had both purchased Voicing It in 2017. One had ordered it by means of streaming/download; the other had purchased the DVDs. Both were interested in some extra help by means of Skype. I started working with one of the men the next day – the other I’ll Skype with on Thursday.

No matter when you purchase, or purchased, my video training, I am here for you as your personal coach at no additional charge.

For more information on Voicing It, visit my voice training services page.

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