Superman or Clark Kent – Which One Are You?

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Recently I worked with a wonderful young man from Qatar by means of Skype. When I showed him a video clip from Superman, it really opened his eyes – not only for the difference in Christopher Reeve’s voice but also in the actor’s posture and comportment.

Those of you who have worked with me in a 2-Day Workshop will remember the scene: Clark Kent enters Lois Lane’s apartment and as she goes in search of a jacket, he decides to tell her that he is Superman. He takes off his glasses, stands up straight, takes a breath – that’s right – he takes a diaphragmatic breath!!!, and when he speaks, his voice is deeper, richer, more mature in sound. His stature is imposing.

However, he then changes his mind and reverts back to the ever-so-sweet, nasally character known as Clark Kent. His voice changes; his posture changes; and you no longer see that imposing super-sized man.

The reason I wanted my client, Tamim, to see this clip was because I had watched a brief video of him on stage addressing about 300 people. The person I saw on stage reminded me of Clark Kent. The man with whom I had been working on Skype was now more closely akin to Superman.

Tamin immediately recognized the differences in himself from the presentation he had given on stage prior to his voice training and the man he was now having discovered his ‘real’ voice. (And, I must say, what a tremendous voice he has.) He also realized that it goes further than voice. How you stand, how you move, how you act speaks volumes about your confidence and your credibility; however, he was quick to point out that the speaking voice was the foundation for everything else.

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Yes, voice training means you will sound better, you will probably look better, and you most definitely will feel better about yourself.


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