What Does Tone Have to Do with a Sexy Voice?

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While the word tone has a variety of meanings, some of those meanings are only subtly different from each other. When used in the manner I am talking about, tone refers to the expression of a mood or emotion. And, your tone is going to vary according to your subject matter.

Were you to give a eulogy, your tone would be quite different than were you delivering a humorous after-dinner speech. Your tone should be determined by the emotions you are feeling at the time. You can have a deep, rich, resonant sound, but if your tone is flat or dull, then you will not be speaking with the emotions you are feeling. And, the person you are trying to impress may not feel that enthusiastic about you.

Were I to tell my dog that she was good with an angry tone, she would not think that I was praising her. Likewise, were I to use a loving tone and tell her she is bad, she would think it was praise.

If you would like to improve your tone, try the following exercise and record yourself while doing it. It is important for you to listen to the playback so that you can hear your tone.

Say the words, come here, in the following manners:

1. Friendly – There should be a smile on your face.
2. Angry – You might say this with more volume and perhaps your brow furrows or you squint.
3. Seductive – Your voice should have an enticing quality. You might say it slowly, drawing out the word here. Perhaps you wink as you say it.

If you keep your emotions bottled up, this exercise will be challenging. (It would be a good idea to try this exercise when you are alone.) Watch your face in the mirror as you try the 3 examples. Did you notice a difference in your facial expression as well as the tone of your voice?

You can change your tone if you are willing to let go of your inhibitions. At first, you will not think you sound natural. In fact, you may think that expressing your emotions is a weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. More people express emotion than not. Therefore, if you have a tendency to speak with little or no color and a flat tone, then you are not part of the norm.

You can have a sexy sound when you speak. Just let go and let be!


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