Your Speaking Voice – ‘What Lies Beneath!’

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Did you know that you have a much more dynamic voice inside of you? And that your ‘real’ voice is probably deeper in pitch than your habitual voice? And that it is richer, warmer and resonant? How can I say these things and be confident in my analysis of your voice without ever having heard you?

Because the majority of people throughout the world power their voice by means of their throat and voice box. And, if you are part of the majority – which is 99% of the population – then you are unaware that by changing your voice placement, you could discover a voice which is truly your best asset.

What lies beneath your habitual voice is a sound that is fuller and more dynamic when powered by means of your chest cavity. Voices like that of Peter Coyote, Sam Elliott, Sean Connery, Cher, Kate Beckinsale, Diane Sawyer, George Clooney, James Earl Jones, and Kathleen Turner are not anomalies. What they are doing that you are not is simply using their chest cavity to power and amplify their sound.

That is truly the only difference between their voices and yours. Were they to use their throat as their primary amplifier, they would probably sound more like you.

The difference in quality between a voice which comes from the nose or the throat, for instance, and one which vibrates in the chest is stunning. One of the best voice changes I have ever heard is Craig. When you watch his ‘before and after’ video clip, you think it is 2 different people. The same can be said of Trish’s clip (which is next to Craig on the home page of this website).

One of the greatest benefits of discovering your real voice is your increase in confidence. Yes, you will definitely sound better and feel better about yourself. It will show in how you carry yourself whether it is in your business or your personal life.

What lies beneath will never be found until you decide to make the change. Good voice training works not only on improving the sound of your speaking voice but is also one of the best means of controlling your nervousness in any form of public speaking. Let your chest do your talking and you may hear a difference as great as that as Craig or Trish.


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