Carma Spence Public Speaking Super Powers

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I (as well as a number of other speakers) have been featured in a book entitled Public Speaking Super Powers by Carma Spence which is being released today.  Public Speaking Super Powers is a comprehensive book about speaking and shows you how to improve all the foundational skills, techniques and tools you need to be an effective speaker. I know you’ll get a lot of value from it.

The Kindle version is only $0.99!  But it will not remain at that price long.  It goes back up to $9.99 on Oct. 2.

If you do not have a Kindle, it doesn’t matter.  The Kindle Reader App can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or computer.  PC or MAC.

I encourage you to buy your copy now at:

Carma is also offering some valuable gifts which include digital copies of her previous 2 books dealing with improving your website and branding yourself effectively online.  For more information on these bonuses, visit:

If you would prefer a paperback or hardcover version, you can secure your copy at:

In addition, Carma interviewed dozens of speakers including me.  You can listen to my podcast below.