Why Voice Training Should Be Part of Your Professional Development

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Whether you are looking for a job, firmly ensconced in one, or in the midst of starting your own business, voice training is something you should consider – especially if the sound of your voice on recording equipment leaves much to be desired. Yes, it is unfortunate that we do not recognize our own voice on recordings; however, everyone else does.

There are so many benefits to voice training that you will find it can change your life in ways you cannot imagine, from better sleep to greater control over your children. The top 10 benefits are:

  1.  You will discover a deeper, richer, resonant voice.
  2.  You will be able to increase your volume without shouting whether you are speaking in a large boardroom or rooting for your favorite sports team.
  3.  If your voice is monotone or lackluster in expression, you will learn how to speak with color, with life, with emotion.
  4.  Whether you are soft-spoken or too loud, you will find your volume automatically adjusting to a ‘normal’ level.
  5.  You will be able to regulate your speed if you talk too fast.
  6.  You will discover the best means of controlling your nervousness in any form of public speaking.
  7.  You will speak more distinctly whether you have an accent or whether you mumble or have ‘lockjaw.’
  8.  Much of the daily stress that plagues you from morning to night will be eliminated.
  9.  Your blood pressure will go down.
  10.  Your confidence will go up.

Voice training means discovering the voice inside of you which you are unaware of; and, it will sound more mature. No, I don’t mean old, but ageless. Yes, when I am 85, I may look that age but I will never sound it!

With the right approach, you will find your voice improving with age because you will be taking the pressure away from your throat and voice box. If you have been suffering from any form of vocal abuse, consisting of chronic hoarseness or a persistent sore throat, those problems will end immediately.

The reasons for discovering your ‘real’ voice are innumerable. The bottom line is that you will sound more professional and that will do wonders for your self-esteem and self-image.


If you would like to discover your ‘real’ voice, you can work with me privately by means of Zoom or Skype, or download/stream Voicing It, my video training program. Check out my services page for more information.