Is Your Childlike Voice Holding You Back?

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I’ve had several inquiries recently from women who tell me they sound too young. This is a common problem for a lot of women. What is fascinating about the young-sounding or even childlike voice, is that the ‘cure’ is simple.

Learn how to breathe with the support of your diaphragm and then use your chest cavity to power  your voice.

Because the difference in pitch (highness or lowness of sound – not the volume which is loudness or softness of sound) is usually quite dramatic with this particular voice change, the ability to make your ‘real’ voice a habit is often quite fast. Your inner ear readily accepts your new voice and has no desire to go back to the childlike sound.

If you haven’t seen Katie’s ‘before & after’ video clip, I highly recommend checking it out. Katie had had two problems when I first met her about 15 years ago. Not only did she sound too young, but she also had a nasal quality. Once she discovered her ‘real’ voice, she sounded mature and lost the excessive nasality.

The good news about my approach to voice training is that you will find your voice improving with age. A few years ago, Katie called me and I did not recognize her. I even wrote about it in a newsletter at that time. She sounded professional with a voice which exuded confidence, maturity, and warmth – a lovely quality.

Can this happen to you? Absolutely!

You can find Katie’s ‘before & after’ clip on the video page of