Webinars, Video, and Covid-19 Are a Great Reason for Voice Training

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When you think of voice training, your first thought may be that it is something for actors or politicians. Presently voice training is something more and more people are becoming aware of because of YouTube, webinars, and the marketing of themselves by means of video. In truth, video is one of your greatest marketing tools today.

Certainly people in the past have seen and heard themselves on video; however, in many cases, those situations were for familial reasons – capturing great moments in their lives. While many were not pleased with what they heard, it was still a video that had limited use.

Covid-19 has changed all that. Those previously dismayed at hearing themselves on video were at least comforted by the thought that their recordings would not have the possibility of being seen by the entire world. Today, this is not the case. Video has taken on a new meaning. Because more and more people are holding business meetings by means of webinars, they realize that they need a more professional and polished image.
This is where having good presentation skills can make all the difference in just how inspiring your webinars, podcasts, or videos are. And, a vital component of your presentation is the sound of your speaking voice, the one you hear on recordings that you may not recognize or like.

If you have a heavy accent or speak too softly, then your message will not be heard. Perhaps you sound like a child or pre-teen and are over 21. Maybe your voice is wimpy or high-pitched or perhaps you speak too slowly or too fast. It is also possible that an abundance of nasal twang is marring your sound. Any number of traits or problems may be affecting your voice but it doesn’t mean you are stuck with what you hear.

You have a better voice inside. It is merely a matter of discovering it. Richer, deeper, and warmer in quality, your ‘real’ voice sounds authoritative – not too old, not too young, and not overbearing.

If the success of your business depends on online webinars, podcasts, or videos, then you should consider changing this aspect of the image you are projecting. It will also do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

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