Can You Discover Your ‘Real’ Voice in an Hour or Less?

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Recently, I read an article about improving your voice in 7 days.  While I do not agree with the writer’s suggestions or methodology, the truth is that you can actually find your ‘real’ voice in 1 hour or less  Admittedly, your ‘real’ voice will not be a habit in only 60 minutes, but one of the fascinating results about the correct approach to voice training is that you will begin your hour with your old or habitual voice and you will end that hour with your real one.  In fact, in many cases, this discovery takes only a few minutes.

When I’m working with clients by means of the internet, we spend the 1st session concentrating on diaphragmatic breathing. Why? In order to produce your voice correctly, you need to use your entire chest cavity to resonate your sound. Most people are lazy or shallow breathers and are only using the upper portion of the chest for respiration.

Once you are able to breathe with the support of your diaphragm, your next step is to find the optimum range of your speaking voice. While certainly not a habit at this point, you will definitely know where your voice is and how to find it. This can occur in less than an hour.

Last year I worked with a woman named Delmae by means of Skype.  Within the first 10 minutes of our meeting, she found her voice and proceeded to use it from then on. In Delmae’s case, she immediately recognized that it was much easier to speak using her chest to power her sound instead of just her throat and vocal cords. Your real voice is like the cogs of a gear. Once you initiate it, everything falls into place. It feels right; it sounds right; it is right.

Other good news about your real voice is that you will find it improving with age because you have taken the pressure off your throat and vocal cords. Definitely a win-win situation all the way around!


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