Jaideep’s Voice No Longer Lacks Vitality

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A couple of weeks ago, Jaideep contacted me because he felt his voice was weak and lacked vitality.  In media sales and also doing voiceovers, he had purchased Voicing It and said he was stuck in Session 3 which deals with optimum pitch and resonance.  He felt he was pushing and forcing his voice from the back of his chestbone and that he was straining.  So we arranged a Skype session.

It only took a few minutes for Jaideep to stop forcing his voice and to allow his chest to do the work.   The strength and vitality is so apparent that, on the phone, a friend said to him, “Your voice has changed and it has changed for the better.”

What a tremendous instrument Jaideep possesses!  But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Listen to his audio recording and notice the vitality in the 2nd reading.

Jaideep wanted me to tell you that the Voice Dynamic Approach really works and it has instilled confidence in him.

Thank you Jaideep!


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