Ladies, If Image Matters, Don’t Ignore Your Voice!

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I have often wondered why my clients, as well as the subscribers to my newsletters, consist of 75% men and only 25% women. If you look at the picture objectively, we women often sound like ill-tuned violins. (And, it is certainly possible that this is one of the reasons men don’t always listen to us!)

In researching voice training on the internet some years ago, I discovered a few websites and forums offering ideas, information, and products for men who were interested in successfully attracting and pleasing women. Why these forums came up in my search is because they were talking about the value of a resonant speaking voice as a means of sounding more dynamic as well as a valuable means of bolstering their confidence. And, those forums were discussing my approach to voice improvement.

What I don’t understand is, if men appreciate the value of possessing a dynamic speaking voice, why don’t women?

Ladies, 37% of the image you project is the sound of your speaking voice and I’m not talking about how you think you sound. I am talking about the voice you hear on your answering machine or voicemail – the voice you don’t recognize, don’t like, and probably find embarrassing. Another way to look at the statistics is to accept the fact that 37% of the image you project, you find embarrassing. Now if any part of your visual image – which accounts for 55% of those statistics – were embarrassing to you, would you not pursue change immediately?

There are thousands of websites devoted to women, women’s issues, women’s image, juggling career and motherhood, how to look younger, etc. The list goes on and on. Few of them, if any, discuss the value of voice improvement.

I want you to imagine the following scenario:

  • your voice is warm, rich, resonant;
  • you sound more mature – not too old, not too young – ageless;
  • your voice is continuing to improve with age when nothing else on your body is;
  • your neck and shoulders are no longer tense or sore by the end of the day;
  • you are able to control your nervousness in any form of public speaking;
  • you no longer yell at your kids – you project – and they actually listen;
  • you speak with color, with life, with emotion;
  • you exude confidence;
  • your self-esteem is positive;
  • you like hearing your voice on your answering machine.

If any of these benefits are of interest to you, all it takes is some training to discover your ‘real’ voice, a voice that can captivate your listeners and improve your life, both professionally and personally, in ways you didn’t think possible.


The Voice Lady Nancy Daniels offers private sessions in voice and presentation skills as well as Voicing It!, the original video training program on voice improvement. Visit her Voice Training Services page and discover the best means of sounding more mature.