What the 20-Year-Old Male Knows That You Probably Don’t!

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In a field which is practically unheard of except in Hollywood and New York City, it was eye-opening to discover that single young men, between the ages of 18 and 31, are talking about voice improvement on the internet. Many have discovered that a dynamic speaking voice and the confidence one gains from it can be a tremendous benefit in attracting women.

When I clicked on one of the blogs, a man from Florida was explaining that he had improved his speaking voice with my voice training program and that it had made a surprising difference in his success with women which led me to continue exploring. In another blog, another website, a fellow had posted that, within two hours of working on his speaking voice, he was a changed man. In still another blog, a Quebecqois, (en français) said that he couldn’t believe the difference in his life. And, the list continued – and still continues – to grow.

What do these young men know that is gaining momentum?

Improving the sound of your speaking voice will improve not just your professional life, but your personal life as well.

Sounding too young (or too old), being soft-spoken or too loud, sounding wimpy or overbearing, or lacking expression in your delivery does not make for a good impression whether you are trying to attract a woman, sell yourself in an interview, move up the corporate ladder, convince a jury of your client’s innocence, market your product, or give a 20-minute TED Talk

Your speaking voice accounts for 37% of the image you project. And, here, I am talking about the voice you hear on your answering machine or voicemail, not the sound you hear in your head!

With good voice training, you will discover a deeper, richer, warmer sound as well as the ability to increase your volume without shouting, control your nervousness in any form of public speaking, and speak with color, with life, with emotion.

The benefits of good voice training go far beyond the voice or presentation skills however. Were I to poll my clients, they would say that, aside from the value of having a more mature-sounding, dynamic speaking voice, they feel more confident, more sure of themselves.

Imagine, sounding better, probably looking better, and most definitely feeling better about yourself. Not bad when you consider how easy it is to make the change.

Your vocal image speaks volumes about you. What does your vocal image say about you?


If you would like to see and hear a wonderful ‘before & after’ change, watch Craig in the center of my home page.