Yifeng Discovers a Different ‘Vibe’

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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working with Yifeng by means of Skype. He told me that after his 1st session in which he discovered his real voice, he felt like he was in control of his voice. He said, “When you’re done and you’re walking outside, you have a different vibe. You can talk to anyone.”

He reminded me of another client, a young man named Matt with whom I had worked a little over a year ago. After discovering his real voice, Matt said that he ‘owns his space’ which is the same idea as Yifeng’s ‘vibe.’

What both men are talking about is the control that you gain when you are using your chest cavity to power and amplify your voice. Most people do not produce voiced sound in this manner which means that most people do not have control over what is coming out of their mouth.

Once you are speaking within your optimum range and using your chest as your primary sounding board, you not only discover a richer, warmer, deeper voice, but you gain control over your speed and your volume as well.


You have the power to make the change…


If you would like to discover your ‘vibe’ by means of Skype, contact me  and we’ll arrange a time to begin.



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