Just How Good Is Your Speaking Voice?

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You know how you feel when you hear your voice on recording equipment? Most people are surprised. Some are embarrassed. The same hold true when we see ourselves on video. “Is that really how I look and sound?” Yes, it is.

Is your voice warm like that of Sean Connery or Michelle Dockery
or is it reminiscent of Daffy Duck or Minnie Mouse?

Once you have accepted that your voice on recording equipment is the truth (and not what you hear in your head), let me ask you this question. Just how good is it? It is probably higher in pitch than what you thought. The majority of people hear their voice in their head as being deeper in pitch than it really is. By the way, pitch refers to the highness or lowness of sound. Rosie O’Donnell has a high, nasal, pitch. Kathleen Turner has a warm, deep pitch.

Now ask yourself these questions.

  1. What impression does your voice make?
  2. Does it sound childlike or does it sound mature?
  3. Is your volume too soft or is it too loud?
  4. Do you have a thick or heavy accent which interferes with your ability to be understood?
  5. Can you increase your volume without shouting?
  6. Do you speak in a monotone?

These are all things you need to consider because your voice is part of the image you project. We are all concerned with image and are fully aware of our visual image as well as the content of our delivery.  We take steps to improve those two aspects of how we project ourselves. Unfortunately, many people do not take into account how their voice sounds.

When it comes to image, as important as may think the content of your delivery is, in truth it is a mere 8%. Your voice, however, the vehicle for your delivery, accounts for 37% of that image.

You may be unaware that you can improve the sound of your speaking voice with training. This happens when you learn how to use your chest cavity to power and amplify your sound. In doing so, you will discover a voice that is deeper, richer, and more mature in sound – a voice which has more depth and breadth. Whatever issue or issues you may have with your voice, once you change your voice placement in this manner, those issues will be no more. It is amazing how this works.

If image matters to you, don’t ignore the sound of your speaking voice. You have a better one inside of you. It is just a matter of finding it!


The Voice Lady, Nancy Daniels, teaches voice improvement and presentation skills in private Skype sessions, group workshops, and by means of Voicing It!, the only complete voice training program on video. To find out more, visit Nancy’s Voice Training Website and discover your ‘real’ voice.