If You Sound Like a Wimp, You Are Guaranteed Not to Get the Job!

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Recently, I received a phone call from a young man who asked if I was hiring. I am not hiring; however, were I looking for help with my business, this man would definitely not be on my list of candidates.

He sounded like a wimp; and, while I did not use those exact words, I suggested that in his future cold calls, he should speak with confidence. Not aggressive by any means, but certainly not wimpy!

The image you project has a tremendous impact on how others perceive you. Part of that image is the sound of your speaking voice. Some studies suggest that it accounts for 37% of your image.  Imagine how that percentage rises over the phone where there is no visual!   My question to you is what is your speaking voice saying about you – not the one you hear in your head, but the one you hear on recording equipment?

If you are not sure how you sound, by all means record yourself, play it back, and listen well. What you are hearing is exactly how your family, your friends, your acquaintances, and the guy at your neighborhood convenience store recognize you. Is that a comforting thought or do you find your recorded voice annoying, irritating, or embarrassing?

Most people are not happy when they hear themselves on recording equipment, and yet, few do anything about it. What is interesting, however, is that you have a better voice inside of you which I refer to as your ‘real’ voice. It is deeper in pitch, warmer in quality, resonant, and mature-sounding. In no way does it reflect a wimpy sound. And, given the right tone, it could be very, very sexy.

The difference between your habitual voice and your ‘real’ one is determined by its placement. Currently, you are powering your voice primarily by means of your throat and vocal folds (folds). By learning how to use your chest to cavity as your primary sounding board, you then discover how you should sound. There are no wimps when your chest is doing most of the work!

You may not be a wimp but if you sound like one, the image you are projecting lacks confidence and assuredness, two qualities which every girl and every employer is looking for. Even if you are nervous for the interview or your first date, if you speak with confidence, no one will be aware of it.

Discover how you were meant to sound and leave the wimpy one behind!


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