Can You Discover Your ‘Real’ Voice in a 2-Day Workshop?

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Absolutely. In fact, given the right approach, you could enter the workshop in the morning with your ‘old’ voice and have lunch with your ‘new’ one. It happens that quickly. Of course, it is not a habit at that point, but it is the beginning of an amazing change in your life, both professionally and personally.

There are some who will teach you to work with the voice you already have. With that approach, not only will you not discover your ‘real’ voice, but you will spend weeks and even months trying to eliminate or change certain problems or difficulties by practicing endless exercises.

Then there are the few of us – primarily those who have studied classical singing – who can show you your ‘real’ speaking voice in just a matter of minutes. Because our approach involves changing your voice placement, you are not subjected to endless tedious exercises in order to fix one problem or another.

Good voice training involves using your chest cavity to power your voice, just like the voices of Sean Connery, Peter Coyote, Kathleen Turner, Kelly McGillis, Demi Moore, James Earl Jones and Vin Diesel. The one common characteristic of these great voices is resonance. Their sound is richer, deeper, vibrant, and warm. The reason for this warmth of sound is because they are not pushing their voices from their throats or voice boxes but instead using their chest cavity as their primary sounding board.

When you power your voice in this manner, you then discover that the majority of problems you may have been experiencing; i.e. too soft, too loud, wimpy, whispery, throaty, strident, harsh, weak, and a host of other complications, automatically disappear. Yes, you need to practice to make it a habit but the beauty of good training is that your homework is practical. Once you discover your ‘real’ voice, your homework is to use it every time you open your mouth to speak. Whether it is in your business or personal life, the best exercise is to use it as often as possible and make it a habit.

In your search for voice training courses, look for someone who will show you how to find the voice you don’t know you have – not someone who wants to work on the voice you already have. And yes, you can discover your ‘real’ voice in a 2-day, 1-day, or even ½-day workshop!


Join me in Los Angeles, August 25 & 26 and discover your ‘real’ voice, the one you don’t know you have! And by the way, lunch is on me!