Your Volume Control: Speak Up and Be Heard!

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Some years ago, I was attending a Chamber of Commerce event in a large auditorium. 5 speakers were on the dais and unfortunately during the program, the amplification system broke down. The result was that the 5 speakers were not being heard in the back of the room. At first, those of us who were not within ‘earshot’ sat quietly. It was not long, however, before the back of the room took on a noise level of its own. People were shuffling papers, clearing their throats, and getting up to leave.  Some even started conversations amongst themselves.

If others are not able to hear you when you are speaking at an event, sitting at a boardroom table, or holding a sales meeting, they will stop trying to hear you. Straining to hear becomes tiring and frustrating which can result in loss of business for you.

It is your duty – it is your responsibility – to make yourself heard if you are going to speak. No matter the occasion, no matter the reason, it you choose to open your mouth and comment, present, or engage in dialogue, you must speak at a normal volume level if you want to be understood. If the occasion calls for more volume, it is then your responsibility to learn how to speak with more power.

In the situation of the Chamber of Commerce event, it was the responsibility of those speaking to increase their volume beyond a normal volume level so that all in attendance could hear. Unfortunately, they were unaware that for many in the room, their words went unheeded. Even when the commotion began to arise in the back of the auditorium, the speakers did not know that their words were not carrying.

Have you ever tried to speak to someone in another room of your home without increasing your volume? It generally does not work. (A loud nasal voice admittedly will carry – unfortunately, a loud nasal voice is not pleasant to hear!) One of the greatest problems I encounter with my clientele is that they do not know how to increase their volume properly.

Trying to ‘raise your voice’ will only hurt your throat and vocal folds (cords). Learning how to project your voice, however, will solve the problem. Projection is the ability to power your voice from your chest instead of just your throat, your voice, your mouth, and/or your nose. The resulting sound will be warmer, richer, deeper, and resonant. It also means that you will be able to cheer for your favorite sports team without losing your voice!

Without a voice, most of us in business would have no business. Without a voice which can be heard, most of us in business would have no business. If you want others to listen to you, they must first be able to hear you.


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