Your Diction Could Be a Stumbling Block to Your Success

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Why does everyone else seem to get the promotion, the contract or even the job and not you? Is it possible that your diction is getting in the way? Speaking clearly today is now more important than ever because business has become global – from the largest corporations to those who run their own business out of their homes.

Video and audio have made a huge difference in how we do business today and being understood the 1st time you say it may mean the difference between a raise, promotion or even a new job.

If you mumble, for example, others get tired of struggling to understand you; if you have a heavy accent, your colleagues or your boss may stop trying to understand you.

When you consider what is involved in business negotiations, communication is at the top of the list. If all transactions were handled by means of the written word, there would be no problem. Today, however, with webinars, conference calls, and other audio/video services which companies are offering, the need to be understood is paramount.

If you know that your diction is holding you back, you might consider voice training. Not only will your diction improve dramatically but you will discover your ‘real’ voice in the process. More mature-sounding and resonant in quality, your true voice will be much easier to understand because you will be articulating more clearly, speaking with enough volume, and able to control your speed.

Voice training is not intended to eliminate your accent, just clean it up. An accent is part of what makes you, you. I would never recommend trying to eliminate it; but, I do urge you to speak so that you are understood completely.

This advice is also important for the soft-spoken and those who mumble. While English may be your mother tongue, if you are not being heard or understood because of either of those characteristics, then you need to make the change.

Your ability to communicate clearly and distinctly the 1st time you say it is more important than you may realize. Don’t let your lack of good diction stand in the way of your career advancement.

If you would like to see some dramatic voice changes, click here.  Notice how everyone speaks more distinctly in the ‘after.’