What Causes Your Voice to Quiver or Shake?

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While a quiver in the voice can affect men, it is more common among women. When the voice is shaking, the vocal cords are experiencing a lot of unnecessary pressure. Until you change your voice placement, however, this problem will not go away by itself.

Essentially, the quiver can be caused:

  1. by nervousness – this may be during public speaking or even in conversation;
  2. from the sole reliance on the voice box to power your sound; or,
  3. from the aging of the vocal folds.

What is fascinating about the quiver is that is can be stopped and eliminated no matter what the cause.

You have 5 resonators all responsible for the production of voiced sound. Unfortunately, most people rely on only 4 of those 5 vibrating cavities: the voice box, throat, mouth and nose. This places tremendous wear and tear on the vocal folds; and, because of this unnecessary pressure, those delicate organs are not only being misused but overused which can lead to vocal abuse.

When you learn how to use your 5th vibrating cavity, the largest of your 5 resonators, you immediately lessen the work for the throat and vocal folds and the quiver stops. Just like that. The resonator I am talking about is your chest cavity.

When you look at the size of the cavity of your chest, compared to the sizes of your other resonating cavities, you can see that from sheer size alone, once you allow your chest to become your primary sounding board – your primary amplifier – you then lessen the work of the other 4 resonators.

Your chest has amazing power. And the voice which results will be richer, warmer, deeper and more mature in sound. No longer will your voice quiver even if you are addressing an audience. The reason is that you will be breathing correctly in order to initiate your sound. If you are older and your wobble is caused by an aging voice box, rest assured that you, too, can eliminate the shakiness just by changing how you produce your sound.

Every single person with whom I have worked, no matter what their age, has eliminated the rattles just by changing how they speak. Do not let a shaky voice take away from your vocal delivery. You can stop the quiver in its tracks just by using your chest to do your talking.


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